Orphanage Construction

Expansion for Orphanage in Haiti

No Place Like Home orphanage in Haiti receives calls almost daily asking us to take additional children. With our current facilities, we are at capacity. It is heartbreaking to have to say no.

The Property
We own an empty 125’ x 85’ adjoining empty piece of land that was purchased for us by First Baptist Church of Maypearl, TX. The children like to play soccer there; however, this land has so much more potential. We have been praying daily for the past couple years that God would provide for the construction of a new orphanage facility. Then, in August 2014, our prayers were answered!

Getting Started
ProVia, a faith-based building products manufacturer based in Ohio, has offered to donate funds to get the project started, lead the effort in fundraising and contact other building materials companies to collect the products needed to build. Watch this video.

What We’re Building
We have started constructing a two-story, steel-reinforced concrete building with bedrooms to initially sleep 50 children, restrooms, kitchen, cafeteria, chapel, laundry, dining, living & play areas. By building two-story, it will best utilize the space and still leave enough of an open area for the children to play soccer, which is their favorite outdoor activity. This facility is being built to care for 50 children.

You Can Help
If you would like to contribute financially to this project, please give online today. If you would like to donate building materials or furnishings, please contact:

Joe Klink,
Director of Corporate Relations for ProVia

CLICK HERE for a list of needed materials.


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