Jacques & Marie Alexandre

Jacques & Marie Alexandre

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Jacques and Marie are both native to Haiti. After marrying, the couple moved to the U.S. and started a Haitian Baptist church in Indiantown, Florida, with the support of Brother Richard Conrod, who founded Community Baptist Church in Stuart, Florida, who advised Jacques to get Bible training. So Bro. Conrod and his church helped Jacques obtain a scholarship at Arlington Baptist College in Arlington, Texas.

In 1984, Jacques, Marie and their three daughters moved to Texas to attend Arlington Baptist College. Their goal was to return to Florida following graduation in 1988 to continue his church pastoral ministry in Indiantown. In Bible College, Jacques majored in Pastoral Ministry while Marie took classes in Children’s Education. While in college, they joined Harmony Baptist Church in Arlington, where they served as Sunday School teachers and Jacques worked as a church janitor. During this time, Marie gave birth to their only son and youngest child.

Jacques became an ordained minister of the gospel, however, during the months leading up to graduation, he felt the Lord calling them to return to their homeland of Haiti to serve as a missionary to their own countrymen.

Starting their Haiti Ministry
By the time Jacque and Marie moved back to Haiti, all of Jacques’ siblings and extended families were living in the United States. They all opposed his call to return to Haiti because lawlessness reigned and drive-by shootings and street killings of innocent people were a daily tragedy. Yet they obeyed the call of God and returned to Haiti in 1989, with the support of Harmony Baptist Church in Arlington. This church later disbanded; however, several of its former members remain as friends to the Alexandres and a few still support them to this day.

Upon their arrival back in Haiti, Jacques, Marie and their young children went knocking on doors sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who were lost. God honored that labor with 31 conversions and provided the foundation of an independent Baptist church, that later averaged nearly 900 souls each week in attendance. From that meager beginning, God has given much fruit for their labor, with over 4,760 conversions and 4,856 baptisms between July 1989 and mid-January 2010.

So far, the Alexandres have planted seven churches and helped establish two others in Haiti, not counting churches planted by the Bible Institute students. Several of these churches serve as feeding centers during the week for needy children. They also helped start a church planting ministry among the Haitians on the other side of the island in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Many of those who have been saved were involved in voodoo in various ways. Bro. Rolinx, a practicing voodoo priest and worshipper of the god of this world, could not resist the power of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He testified that God brought Jacques into his life at the very moment of his greatest need with the message of life through the God of Heaven.

Through a gospel radio broadcast, Jacques was able to reach the nation of Haiti and many came to the Savior. A Bible training ministry for men, sewing & discipleship ministry for ladies, and feeding & Bible school ministry for children all continue to be a vital part of the Alexandres outreach to the people of Haiti.

Their ministry, in the poorest country in the western hemisphere, continued to grow, and soon they realized that they would need financial support. They joined Tabernacle Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, and in 2008, they joined the World Baptist Fellowship Agency in Arlington, spending the following year on deputation, raising funds for the Haiti ministry.

God’s Call to Build the Haiti Orphanage
On January 12, 2010, a monster earthquake hit Haiti, killing 300,000 souls, including a majority of children. Jacques and Marie were together at the church while he was preparing to teach a Bible study. The church building was crumbling down all around them and they were certain they were about to take their last breath. However, God miraculously spared them. In the days that followed, they continued to see heart-breaking scenes of little bodies lying dead, and precious children wandering the streets without parents. God used this horrific situation to burden their hearts to start an orphanage.

On a piece of land they already owned near the Port-au-Prince International Airport, they began the orphanage under a tent. From that meager beginning, God began to send more partners to help jump-start this ministry. The orphanage and Bible school continued to grow to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of many children. In addition to serving the children that live at the orphanage, the Bible school also is available for local children to attend.

Church Building
Seeing the hopelessness of so many people following the earthquake, Jacque’s desire to reach Haiti with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ intensified. To support the goal of continually planting new churches in Haiti, they started a second Bible Institute to train those who God calls to preach the gospel.

This Bible Institute operates on the same campus as the orphanage and trains men and women to become consistent soul-winners and church planters. Their first graduation was in January, 2014.

In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, a majority of the men Jacques trained in the Bible Institute were scattered to live in other communities. Yet God continues to bring more soldiers of the cross to the Bible Institute for training. As a result, the Great Commission continues to be fulfilled by preaching the gospel, making disciples and planting local New Testament churches for the glory of God.

Jacque’s and Marie’s hope and prayer is that all of the children at the orphanage will accept Jesus Christ as their Savior when they reach the age of maturity and that those who do not find adoptive families overseas may later be trained in the Bible Institute to help reach Haitians for Christ.

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