Sponsor a Child

How to Sponsor a Child in Haiti

Through the generosity of many organizations, companies and individuals, we have been able to provide a safe environment for numerous Haiti orphan children who are awaiting adoption. However, we have a continuing need for sponsors to help with monthly living expenses. Won’t you consider a life-sustaining donation to sponsor an orphan in Haiti?

Just $50/mo. will go a long way to impact the life of one of these precious children.

What does my sponsorship cover?
Sponsoring a child at the No Place Like Home in Haiti will cover expenses associated with the child living at the orphanage, including:

  • Food. Your sponsorship of a child helps pay for a well-balanced diet composed of quality ingredients for three nutritious meals each day.
  • Clothing. Your sponsorship of a child provides adequate clothing for daily life, as well as nice outfits for church and school uniforms. Growing children are constantly outgrowing their clothes, so new clothes are needed on a regular basis.
  • Housing. Our orphanage is safe and secure. We have a loving environment for the children to live in. Your sponsorship helps provide purified water, electricity and other essentials for keeping the facility running.
  • Orphanage Staff. Your sponsorship helps pay the salaries of the people we hire to care for the children. We hire people who model Christ-like character, and will enhance the quality of life for the children. Staff members include nannies, cooks, laundry personnel, maintenance staff, security and groundskeepers.
  • Medical Care. Your sponsorship of a child helps pay for regular medical check-ups and direct one-on-one care by a pediatrician or nurse when a child becomes ill. Children are taught about personal hygiene and how to maintain their personal health.
  • Education. Your sponsorship helps pay for educational materials and extra tutoring, when needed.
  • Spiritual. Your sponsorship helps provide for Bible training and the spiritual development of each child. The orphanage owns a bus for transporting the children to church every Sunday morning where they have the opportunity to be involved and grow in Christ. Also, every evening the children and staff have family devotions where they sing, pray, read the Bible, and memorize Scripture together.

How long will my sponsorship last?
When you sponsor a Haitian orphan at No Place Like Home, your sponsorship will last as long as you choose, or until your child is no longer at the orphanage. In some cases, the child will leave if they are adopted, or if family members take him/her back. Many will leave when they become of age, and the staff at No Place Like Home helps them enter society as an adult.

Does my monthly donation go directly to my child?
When you sponsor a child for a designated amount, it ensures that child’s needs are taken care of. However, since the orphanage is a community, there are communal expenses that are not separated per child. For example, we buy groceries for everyone at one time, which requires pooled donations from multiple sponsors to help meet the collective needs of the whole.

Can I make a single, annual donation?
Yes, annual giving is appreciated as well and can be facilitated by filling out this form.

Is the orphanage subsidized by any grants?
No Place Like Home currently does not receive any grants. However, our orphanage could benefit greatly from grants since the monthly sponsorship amounts do not cover all of the costs of running the orphanage.

No Place Like Home orphanage is funded by donations made through Follow Me Mission Inc., a U.S.-based 501c3 organization. Follow Me Mission sends 100% of donated funds to No Place Like Home.

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This brief video by Jacques Alexandre tells why your sponsorship is so important.