The McDivit family was the first to complete an adoption from No Place Like Home on August 11, 2014. Welcome home, Dachena!

Through the loving act of adoption, a child legally becomes your son or daughter, just as though he/she were born into your family. They receive all of the rights that natural-born children receive. Adoption is a beautiful example of what God did for us when He made a way for us to become a member of His family.

If the Lord has laid upon your heart the desire to adopt a boy or girl from Haiti, we can help. Since the Haitian adoption process is so slow, it is very important that the people who care for your child during the adoption process provide a loving, nurturing and stable environment.

Our ministry is separated into two parts: the orphanage is called “No Place Like Home”; the crèche is called “Sweet Home”. The purpose of the orphanage is to raise and care for children from ages 5-18, and is not focused on adoption. The crèche only admits children for adoption and is focused on newborn through age 5. Currently both operate out of the same facilities; however, it is our goal to build a new orphanage facility on an adjoining piece of land that we own, and use the current housing strictly for the crèche.

We have partnered with adoption experts at American World Adoption Agency to coordinate and process all adoptions. To get started please contact American World Adoption Association, Haiti coordinator, Margaret Hebda who can be reached at 703-891-3139.