“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end” Jeremiah 29:11

No Place Like Home orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti was founded by long-term Baptist missionaries, Jacques & Marie Alexandre following the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010. Countless children were left homeless and many were orphaned that day. The humble beginnings of the orphanage was a result of the amazing grace of God and numerous people coming alongside the Alexandre’s to build a place of loving care and safety. Today, No Place Like Home is at capacity, and we are planning an orphanage expansion to care for many more children. Please partner with us and sponsor a child, or contribute to the facility’s expansion.



No Place Like Home is currently at capacity and needs to expand so that we can care for more children.

We own an adjoining 125′ x 85′ vacant lot and are currently raising funds to construct additional facilities. Please visit the Orphanage Expansion page for more details about this critical project.


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We need people to take interest in the children at No Place Like Home and sponsor a child on a monthly basis.

The ongoing costs at our Christian Haiti orphanage for food, housing, clothing, medicine, education, transportation, etc., are very real, just like they are for your family.



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  • Jacques Alexandre, 2016 Ministry Summary

    My dear friends in Christ,

    Marie and I thank God for His grace in letting us enter this new year 2017, and the honor to continue carrying His mission work in Haiti. Even though we are on furlough stateside, not a day has gone by that Marie and I were not in touch with our team in Haiti through text messages, e-mail or by phone. So, despite the distance we still have been able to get things done on the field in Haiti.

    We want to thank YOU, our God-given ministry partners, because you always have our back through prayer, monthly financial support, special donations, and letters of encouragement. You have treated us like royalty in your church services, your fellowships and in your homes. We have travelled thousands of miles to report to you and meet new partners in cities throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas. We still have a few more stops to make before we return to Haiti in March.

    New Church Building

    New Church Building

    The following is a summary of what God used YOU, and us to get done in Haiti in the year 2016:

    • 623 souls were saved through the soul-winning efforts of our 9 churches.
    • Each of our 9 churches are progressing in sound doctrine and soul-winning. In a country where the false teaching of “salvation by works” is rampant, even in churches which claim to be of Baptist doctrine, I thank God that our pastors are putting an emphasis on the doctrine of “salvation by grace through faith”.
    • Construction has been completed for the church building that collapsed during the 2010 earthquake. We had the dedication service on September 18, 2016. This new auditorium is seismic and hurricane-resistant, and can hold an attendance of 1,200. Our 9 churches plan to attend our August 4-6, 2017 Baptist Fellowship Meeting that will take place in the new auditorium. If God burdens your heart to send a group from your church or for you to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.
    • Construction for a seismic and hurricane-resistant building for the orphanage is progressing. The first story concrete work and second story concrete floor are complete. We are now building a large underground septic tank and the second story walls.
    • One of our orphan boys, Obed, who has congenital cataracts came to the U.S. for surgery. Obed’s surgery was successful and he is continuing with his doctor visits. God-willing Obed will return to Haiti in August.
    • We continue to provide hurricane relief for our church families in the South of Haiti. We provided food in the beginning, then later donated roofing materials for 45 families. We are rebuilding Pastor Junot’s house in Vilpi; Pastor Dieusoveur’s church building in Petite Baie Dumesle; and Pastor Célarès church building in Cavaillon. Next month we will rebuild the church building in Vilpi. We use better construction methods with concrete to prevent their roofs and walls from being destroyed again during a hurricane. This is a lasting investment with your special donation.

    Each of these families, pastors and churches would have been left desolated, has it not been for your sacrificial and compassionate donations, by the grace of God. Thank you, my dear partnering friends and churches, for compassionately stepping in where the need is great. In a few weeks, we plan to send you an update with several pictures of hurricane relief actions in the South. Also, I want to remind you that we will return to Haiti next month, Lord willing.

    Jacques and Marie
    (getting back physically on the field in March)


  • Building A Home


    bryant-and-chenellLast week was an exciting time at No Place Like Home Orphanage in Haiti! Two of the children – 5 year old twins Bryant and Chenell – left the orphanage to go live with their adoptive parents in Minnesota. We are so excited for the new opportunities that lay ahead for these precious siblings. Please keep Bryant and Chenell in your prayers as they make this adjustment.

    Also, last week there was a flurry of activity at the construction site. Over 100 Haitian men were hired on Friday to construct the 2nd story concrete floor. Rebar and plumbing was laid ahead of time in preparation for the big day. It was quite a sight to see so many people mixing, carrying, pouring and finishing the concrete. Nearly the entire floor was completed in one day, and many of the men returned on Saturday (Christmas eve) to finish the job.

    img_8067The floor needs to cure for a few weeks before we can begin the next stage of construction – building the 2nd story cement block walls. With each step, we’re getting a bit closer to coordinating work trips for volunteers. We are hopeful these trips can take place this spring, but we need to be certain that we know when the concrete work will be completed before scheduling these trips. Once we know when this will be I will reach out to all who have expressed an interest in taking a trip so we can coordinate our schedules.

    One of our greatest needs for the project is additional funding. If you would like to make a year-end tax-deductible donation to the construction project, please visit https://www.nplhome.org/donate-to-haiti-orphanage-mission/.

    Thank you for your concern for the children of Haiti.


  • Hurricane Report


    Dear friends and ministry partners,

    Let us give thanks to God that Hurricane Matthew did not hit the western side of Haiti (Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas) where several of my planted churches are located, along with the children in the orphanage, and the Feeding Center. It is an answer to prayer that they are all safe.

    However, please continue to pray for the orphanage because even tough Matthew has left, it has caused long term damages in the southern part of the island that will affect the entire island in regards to prices of food.

    For now, there is little means of communication with the south. The only bridge which connected it with the rest of the island has collapsed. Thousands of people are now homeless and all of the agricultural resources in the south are gone. The south is completely flooded. I just called Pastor Moises of Leogane, he told me a cemetery is flooded in Cavaillon and the water dumped corpses in the streets. It is a humanitarian crisis.

    Before the hurricane, I called Pastor Thès and asked him to tell as many people as he can to stay up in the hills. We have three churches in the south located in Cavaillon, Petit Baie Dumesle, and Port-Salut. I have not yet been able to make contact with Pastor Celarès or anyone in his congregation in Cavaillon. Also, no word yet from Pastor Juno in Port Salut. The same is true for the Petit Baie Dumesle congregation. More than likely these church sanctuaries are destroyed, but our main concern now is the loss of life. As of today, the death toll is now up to 480, and over 30,000 homes destroyed; however, it will take time before we have a final count. Please pray for the people in the south and especially theses pastors and their congregations.

    Lastly, please pray also for the entire island because the aftermath of the hurricane will have long-lasting damaging effect in the whole country. There may be outbreak of disease, especially cholera, in the weeks to come. There will be a migration of people from the southern part towards Port-au-Prince causing more suffering and poverty. Prices of food, already too high, are going to skyrocket. But HE is our Jehovah Jireh, God our provider – my hope is in The Lord.

    The country needs a great deal of prayer from God’s people. Not only for a miracle in the midst of this humanitarian crisis, but more importantly that He will use this crisis to draw all people to Himself.

    We are in prayer for the states of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, and especially the believers there as Hurricane Matthew is preparing to make landfall in these states.

    Jacques and Marie
    Your missionary to Haiti (on furlough stateside)



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